Erik Sotomayor has his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Universidad Privada Boliviana) with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), and additionally, he has completed other graduate studies in areas related to cooperation and development. He has +20 years’ professional experience nationally, in Bolivia, and internationally, in Latin America (in the countries associated with SODIS Foundation), in various positions, and in rural and urban areas. He is familiar with the public sector, NGOs, social organizations, cooperation agencies, and the private sector.

Specifically, Erik has experience in strategic planning, marketing, networking, knowledge- and awareness-building, course development, resource management within an international institution, development and application of information technology in development and investment projects, market studies and project management.

Specialties: He is especially familiar with the issues of water and sanitation, microfinance, rural development, value chains, and the creation and growth of small and medium businesses using Digital Marketing and artificial intelligence. He can write analytical documents and is well-equipped to work as part of a team and in a multicultural, multilingual environment.